And back to me.......

I'm an unequivocal lover of the quirky and unusual!

I have been making naturalistic items from recycled wood and metal for a number of years.

I love to experiment with ideas and salvaged materials.

The stags and steers are a product of my imagination combined with my ever increasing collection of unusual unwanted 'things'.

I prefer the term 'upcycled' rather than 'recyled',but I would describe my work as

'Repurposed Paraphernalia'

Due to the nature of the materials I choose to work with

 each piece is unique. 

Although they are mostly of the hunting trophy styled pieces and naturalistic interpretations using scrap and found objects,I am always interested to hear suggestions and more than happy to receive commissions. 

  My works all have the same ethos of reusing all i can to save the landfills from ending up in our back gardens!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a crusade for 'the green meanies'.

I'm just doing my bit, which is all anyone an do!

The materials i love the most are bicycle parts!

I find the ergonomic shapes of the saddles and brake levers just lend themselves to the faux taxidermy hunting style trophies I create.

But I do love to experiment with ideas,

so keep an eye out!

My creating head is fit to burst with quirkiness!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my badly worded waffle!

I am well aware that we are not getting any younger, and that your time is precious!!

Life is too short for checking grammar and spelling,

 'so be off with you and pop the kettle on'!!! 

Richard J Parvin